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September 1, 2020

September 1, 2020 I started my 300 day program with Brian Johnson. A program that will help me to more and more consistently express the best version of myself and give the world all I’ve got. To close the gap between who I’m CAPABLE of being and who I’m ACTUALLY being by living with virtue. All of this in service of a better world, true connections and healthy love. Want to follow my progress? You can sign up.

Day one on the Optimise Me program

My overall goal (not all is new to me, I have have improved a lot already in the past years), is that at the end of the program I would like be and feel:

  • Fit: physically –> be able to run 10K 2 x per week;
  • Toned/firm/strong body: Get back to my best weight (64 kg), be flexible and lift weights easily;
  • Brisk: sleep 9 hours a night, going to bed around 23:00, getting up at 07:00. Find my natural rhythm;
  • Write: writing on a daily basis, blogs/diary/mails etc.;
  • Prosper: easily get & maintain my business goals at my highest standards so my clients and I are a 100% match and get to where we want to go together;
  • Eat/drink: 100% vegan, drink 2 liters of water daily + extra tea;
  • Tech/focus: do digital detox sunrise/sunset so I am less distracted and have more focus;
  • Health: take my supplements daily so my ±asthma, HSP and ±ADHD are set to an acceptable level;
  • Deep work: do deep work as a morning routine.

One thing I promise myself to DO as of today

One of our first goals was to start doing MORE of what works, and do LESS of what doesn’t work. So, here I go. I’ll start today by going to bed regularly around 23:00 and get up at 08.00. No more iPhone distraction at night in bed, but doing some breath work so I can fall asleep more easily. I feel super proud when I am stronger than my (digital) ‘addiction’.

One thing I promise myself to DON’T do as of today

I quit eating refined sugar long ago, but I am going to be Radically Honest here: at times I slip back to the shitty sugary foods again. Especially when I am moody. My weak spot: dropjes (Dutch candy)…goodness…I can’t stop. And sugar makes me so tired and sleepy and grumpy. It really is as bad as cocaine, as they say. Just that I don’t know cocaine by experience, luckily. So, as of today I am quitting everything that contains (anything that looks like) sugar (stevia/aspartaam/date syrop etc).

Things I learned today from the program

I installed Flux, to get my screen to use other colours during the night time, so I can fall asleep easier. Wonderful tip! I have to get used a bit on how it looks, but I know it helps me fall asleep easier. That’s my goal. It’s 22:00 at this moment and I just saw myself yawning already. Good sign!

Goodnight, sleep well, be well.


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Photo: Jeremy Bishop – Unsplash

By Carolien

Renaissance Soul | Game changer | Fire Starter | Filmmaker | International Master Tantric Trainer & Coach & Massagetherapist.

My drive is to optimise. (Me. You. The world) (Yes, in that order, I used to think it was the exact way around, but that really did not work). My talent is my growth mindset: to get most out of every situation and see that there’s always something to learn. (Always)(Always). My passion is to create. Possibilities. Ideas. Solutions. Art. Life.

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