Carolien Oosterhoff

Renaissance Soul | Filmmaker | Master Trainer & Coach & Massage therapist | Educator | Writer.

A lot. Yes, that’s me! My father used to tell me: you’re a true Homo Universalis. It took me until I was 40+ to understand what he really meant. And what a huge compliment that was. It’s true. I was born with quite an amount of different talents. And I started group hugging them around 12 years ago, when I became an entrepreneur.

So, here I go. I teach, train, coach, film, write, massage, sing, paint, walk, run, live, love, laugh and learn with…your (and my) heart on my tongue. I am a creative, sensitive, silly, street-smart, versatile, melancholic, ambitious go-getter. I am a true Renaissance Soul. And a serial solo-entrepreneur, with HeartPepper© being my brand that represents everything I stand for.

You can find links to my work below.

“Carolien is a true Renaissance Soul. If she is really interested she can learn almost anything!”

My drive is to optimise. (Me. You. The world) (Yes, in that order, I used to think it was the exact way around, but that really did not work). My talent is my growth mindset: to get most out of every situation and see that there’s always something to learn. (Always)(Always). My passion is to create. Possibilities. Ideas. Solutions. Art. Life.